About 300,000 veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars—18 percent of those who have served—are suffering from depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a comprehensive new Rand Corp. analysis. More than half of those affected are not receiving adequate treatment, and the study warned of “long-term consequences” for the vets and for the nation.
Los Angeles Times

Commercial airlines took longer to get from place to place in 2007 than at any time in the past two decades because of congestion and time spent idling on runways. For example, a flight from Las Vegas to New York that took four hours and 37 minutes two decades ago took six hours and 10 minutes last year.
USA Today

Last month was the warmest March on record, according to a global temperature analysis by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The average temperature over the world’s landmasses was
40.8 F, which is 3.2 degrees warmer than the average March in the 20th century.
Associated Press

A growing number of cities and towns are installing global positioning systems in municipal vehicles to monitor auto use by workers and officials. “I think there is abuse,” said Yonkers, N.Y., Councilwoman Joan Gronowski. “People use the car during the weekday to run errands and on weekends to go shopping.”
Westchester, N.Y., Journal News

The downturn in the economy is not affecting the super-rich. Wealthy buyers have already bought 71 Manhattan apartments costing more than $10 million this year, compared to 17 in that price range in all of 2007.
The New York Times