GOOD DAY FOR: An air of optimism, after a U.S. Energy Department report said that the U.S. could meet 20 percent of its energy generation needs with wind power by 2030. That would cut coal consumption by 18 percent. Under “optimistic assumptions,” the necessary investments in wind energy would total $197 billion, but it would also save $155 billion in fuel costs. (The Washington Post, free registration)

BAD DAY FOR: Good skin, as Japan is considering a facial examination system to enforce its legal smoking age of 20. The system, designed for vending machines, counts wrinkles and looks at sagging skin to verify age. Fujitaka Co., which makes the system, says it is accurate 90 percent of the time. The other 10 percent, mostly “minors that look older, and baby-faced adults,” will have to insert their driver’s license. (Reuters)