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July 28, 2014,

Real estate website Zillow is acquiring competitor Trulia in a deal estimated at $3.5 billion, The New York Times reports.

The Times reports that "together, the two will dominate the traffic for online home listings." Zillow reported 83 million users last month, while Trulia reported 54 million users.

"The companies know each other very well," Spencer Rascoff, Zillow's chief executive, told the Times. "We've been competitors and rivals for nine years, but I've always had respect for them." Rascoff said the merger had been in talks for roughly six weeks. Meghan DeMaria

only in portland
2:06 a.m. ET

There is a place where vegans can go and never have to worry about running across something derived from an animal: The world's first vegan mini-mall in Portland, Oregon.

Portland has a long history of supporting vegetarians and vegans, the Los Angeles Times reports. In the late 1800s, Seventh-Day Adventists, who shun meat, flocked to the Rose City, and today it even has a vegan strip club, where animal-free food is served and the dancers aren't allowed to don fur, leather, silk, or pearls. At the mini-mall, the Food Fight! grocery store sells such staples as fruits and vegetables and specialty items like meatless jerky and dairy-free chocolate. After loading up on groceries, patrons can hit up the Sweetpea Baking Co. for vegan baked goods, Herbivore for clothes and pleather purses, and Scapegoat Tattoo, where owner Brian Thomas Wilson uses ink that does not contain any animal byproducts.

Wilson told the Times that when he opened the shop a decade ago, there weren't too many people looking for a vegan tattoo parlor. Now, he often finds himself tattooing pieces that showcase a client's dedication to the lifestyle. Wilson himself became a vegan in 1999, after he ordered a 79-cent breakfast at a casino in Reno, and couldn't eat the hunk of ham and fluorescent yellow eggs. "That was the lightbulb that went off," he said. "It changed my whole life." Catherine Garcia

1:41 a.m. ET
Scott Olson/Getty Images

David Goldberg, the SurveyMonkey CEO perhaps best known as the husband of Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, died on Friday at a private resort in Mexico from head trauma and blood loss after a gym accident, Mexican officials said Monday. It appears Goldberg, 47, "fell off the treadmill and cracked his head open," said a spokesman for the prosecutor's office in Mexico's Nayarit State, where Goldberg was vacationing with family and friends.

When Robert Goldberg found his brother on the floor of the gym, he was still alive, the spokesman said, and Sandberg visited the hospital in Nuevo Vallarta. There will be no charges filed related to the accident. Goldberg was a well-regarded entrepreneur and mentor, and the family is holding an invitation-only memorial service at Stanford on Tuesday. Men are being asked to wear an open collar "in keeping with Dave's lifelong hatred of ties," according to the invitation. He and Sandberg, married since 2004, have two children together. Peter Weber

1:34 a.m. ET

In Peru, a man was shot with an arrow by members of the reclusive Mashco Piro tribe as they swept into his village in the middle of the rainforest.

The incident took place in Shipetiari, and it was the third time people from the tribe have been seen this year, the BBC reports. Anthropologists believe they were looking for food or tools, but they are not sure why they attacked the man, who was killed. There are about 600 Mashco Piro, who live in separate groups and are always on the move. Sometimes, they set up shelters along rivers and dig for turtle eggs, anthropologists say, and in southern Peru, some people feel bad for them because they are not part of the modern world, and try to coax them out of the forest with treats.

There are about a dozen indigenous tribes that have either little or no immunity to diseases, so the Peruvian government has banned physical contact with them. The government pays for specialists to mediate contact between the tribes and settled communities, the BBC says, and has sent someone to help the people of Shipetiari deal with the death in their village. Catherine Garcia

you better sit down for this
12:57 a.m. ET

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, Chipotle has released its top secret guacamole recipe — which just so happens to be nearly identical to 99.9 percent of all other guacamole recipes.

Chipotle's version calls for 2 ripe Hass avocados, 2 teaspoons each of lime juice and chopped cilantro, one-quarter of a cup of finely chopped red onion, half of a finely chopped jalapeño, and one-quarter of a teaspoon of kosher salt. After making sure your avocado feels "squishy yet firm," all you have to do is coat the cut up avocado in lime juice, season, mash, then fold everything together. That's it! Maybe next week they’ll enlighten us and share how they shred their cheese. Catherine Garcia

Golden Years
12:33 a.m. ET

David Letterman is talking a lot about his retirement, which makes sense since he only has a handful of shows left. President Obama has almost two more years left, but on Monday's Late Night, Letterman still asked him about his future plans. No dice. But dominos, maybe. Some Late Show guests, like Steve Martin, go with the darkly comic when it comes to Letterman's retirement, but Obama was cheerfully goofy.

"I was thinking you and me, we could play some dominos together," Obama said. "We can go to the local Starbucks and, you know, swap stories." It's worth noting that this is apparently what the president thinks "real people" do, and maybe he's right. Things get a little sappy at the end, but Letterman did elicit from Obama that he's planning to take a month off after leaving office. Well, it's something. —Peter Weber

The Dream of the '90s is alive on Fallon
12:09 a.m. ET

It's Monday, and if you're feeling a little nostalgic for the '90s, or the last time you were around the campfire with two romeos and a guitar, but you also want to laugh, Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon have your fix. On Monday's Tonight Show, Black and Fallon recreated the video for Extreme's "More Than Words," in, shall we say, period costume. The idea may have been to do a straight re-enactment, but Black is probably incapable of not clowning a bit, and what fun would that be anyway? Get your nostalgia on below. —Peter Weber

healthy choice
May 4, 2015
Jesse Grant/Getty Images

By the end of 2016, Panera Bread plans to remove at least 150 artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, and sweeteners from its soups, sandwiches, salad dressings, and several bakery items.

The chain will discontinue using ingredients like fat substitutes and propylene glycol, a preservative used in deodorant and e-cigarettes, The Wall Street Journal reports. While a lot of food products will be affected, some offerings, like soda, will still have artificial ingredients. The company's chief executive officer, Ron Shaich, said Panera is trying to "give people a simple, easy Good Housekeeping seal-of-approval kind of approach to it."

Panera Bread has been planning to drop the ingredients since 2012, and has already stopped using the artificial sweetener sucralose and titanium dioxide, which is used to make mozzarella cheese whiter. Catherine Garcia

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