March 12, 2014
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With its cruel winds and bitter temperatures that hover around -40 degrees, Barrow, Alaska isn't situated in the most hospitable of climates. But brave soul Aleksandar Joksic works in these chilly conditions, day in and day out — he's one of the town's few pizza delivery guys.

Joksic told the Wall Street Journal that contrary to our belief, he doesn't deliver pizzas on a snowmobile equipped with 100 heat lamps, but instead uses a souped-up Hynudai Accent that requires a lot of TLC:

Gas costs over $6 a gallon in Barrow, and the Hyundai is very economical. Every morning first thing I start the car (it takes an hour to get up to temperature) and unplug it (electricity keeps the engine and fluids from freezing at night). If I turn it off for 10 minutes, it would freeze and die, so I don't turn it off until the end of the day. [Wall Street Journal]

Joksic said his day-to-day wardrobe consists of two pairs of pants, three hoodies, and a "very big jacket." Now we just feel silly complaining about which pair of jeans we're going to work everyday.

Read the rest of his harrowing description at the Wall Street Journal. Jordan Valinsky

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Sarah Palin has been promoting a new anti–climate change documentary, Jimmy Kimmel said on Monday's Kimmel Live, and he had some fun with her climate change denial. "I have a theory: I think Sarah Palin maybe wants global warming — it's cold in Alaska, it would be welcome up there," he said. "But the idea that she knows more than 97 percent of scientists, it's offensive, it's dangerous." Palin isn't alone — or even a minority in her party. And the conservative disbelief about climate change makes no sense, he said. "Unlike a lot of things, this isn't a matter of political opinion, it's a matter of scientific opinion," and the scientific opinion is overwhelming that humans are causing the Earth to heat up.

Kimmel compared Republicans in Congress denying the existence of climate change to him declaring he believes "yogurt is a conspiracy created by John Stamos." You would rightly call him insane, Kimmel said. "To me, the big question is, either you believe in science or you don't. Why do we believe scientists when it comes to molecules and the speed of light and Cialis, but not this?" His answer is that members of Congress take money from, and are told not to worry about climate change by, "companies that make pollution for a living."

Kimmel talked about the science of climate change a bit, and then turned the stage over to a pre-recorded video in which real climate scientists explain that human-influenced climate change is real, is not a hoax or a prank, and they they are "not f---ing with you." An adorable kid caps it off by asking adults not to "f--k this up" for his generation. And if you want to kvetch about Kimmel taking an unusually bold step into science and politics, he's ready for it. "I know I'll get beaten over the head by every wacko website, and I know there'll be a lot of 'What the hell do you know? Go back to girls jumping on trampolines'," he said. "This is not about what I know. This is about what scientists know." Watch below. Peter Weber

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It has been more than 50 years since he was wrongfully convicted of murder and 40 years since he was released from prison, but it wasn't until Monday that Paul Gatling, 81, was restored all of his rights, including the right to vote.

Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson vacated Gatling's 1964 murder conviction, saying in a statement that Gatling "repeatedly proclaimed his innocence even as he faced the death penalty back in the '60s. He was pressured to plead guilty and, sadly, did not receive a fair trial. Today, 52 years later, he will be given back his good name and receive justice here in Brooklyn."

In October 1964, a felon pointed to Gatling, then a 29-year-old Korean War veteran, as a suspect in the murder of artist Lawrence Rothbort. Rothbort's wife at first couldn't pick Gatling out of a lineup, but once she did, Gatling's family and lawyer told him to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. "The cops told me they would make sure I was convicted and the lawyers said they were going to execute me," he told NBC News. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

A Legal Aid lawyer took up his case, and in one of his last acts as governor, Nelson Rockefeller commuted Gatling's sentence in 1974, allowing him to leave prison. Gatling said because his conviction was never vacated, life wasn't easy when he got out, and when he heard about the Conviction Review Unit in Brooklyn that revisits wrongful convictions, he sent in his paperwork. "People need to know what they did to me," he said. Gatling also said he would have liked to have voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, but is looking forward to casting his ballot this November. Catherine Garcia

May 2, 2016

Claire Danes lit up the room at the 2016 Met Gala, thanks to designer Zac Posen embracing the event's technology theme.

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Posen used fiber optic woven organza from France to create a shimmering gown for Danes, powered by 30 mini-battery packs. "I went through a sequence of stages throughout the process of draping this gown, playing with motion and structure to capture the emotional engineering," Posen said in a statement. "The gown is hollow underneath with no tulle — holding its own structure." See the dress in action in the video below. Catherine Garcia

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May 2, 2016

The stars were out Monday night in New York City for the 2016 Met Gala. This year's fête revolved around the latest exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology." The color of the night appeared to be silver (worn by Lady Gaga, Ciara, Kanye West, various Kardashians and Jenners), and trends included dark lips (Taylor Swift, Katy Perry), liquid-like metallics (Lupita Nyong'o), lots of cut outs (Nicole Kidman, Hailee Steinfeld), buckles and straps (Emma Stone, Nicki Minaj), and subdued pops of color (Zoe Saldana). Catherine Garcia

May 2, 2016

Donald Trump has insulted her appearance, said that listening to her for more than 10 minutes will give you a headache, and called her tenure at Hewlett-Packard "terrible, terrible, terrible," but on Monday he admitted that even he would have helped Carly Fiorina up when she fell off a stage this weekend in Indiana.

Video has surfaced of Fiorina introducing Ted and Heidi Cruz during a rally in Lafayette, then suddenly disappearing from the stage. It turns out she took a tumble, and Heidi Cruz made an effort to help her back up. Ted Cruz didn't seem to notice (or, judging by the footage, just didn't care) that she was on the ground and continued to shake hands with the supporters surrounding him. "Cruz didn't do anything! Even I would have helped her, okay?" the suddenly chivalrous Trump told a crowd Monday in Carmel, Indiana. "She fell off! She just went down! She went down a long way."

Trump added that it was "really cruel" of Cruz to ignore Fiorina's fall, and accurately called it a "weird deal." Catherine Garcia

May 2, 2016

When you are a princess and you're turning 1, you're going to get some impressive gifts, and Princess Charlotte has received presents from world leaders, organizations, and fans in 64 different countries.

Kensington Palace released a list of all of the gifts Princess Charlotte has received on the occasion of her first birthday, as well as some she was given earlier, and said that her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are "incredibly grateful." Her uncle, Prince Harry, brought back a New Zealand Rugby sleepsuit and Wellington Rugby snowsuit from his trip to the country, while her maternal aunt, Pippa Middleton, gave her a $6 pack of biodegradable diapers. British Prime Minister David Cameron presented her with a copy of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales, and the government of Australia sent a cot blanket made from Tasmanian merino wool, embroidered with a floral emblem by the ACT Embroiderers' Guild. In turn, the guild donated $10,000 to Healesville Sanctuary, a bushland haven for wildlife.

One of the most expensive gifts was a $45,000 18k white gold rattle studded with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires from the Natural Sapphire Company. The Canadian prime minister gifted Princess Charlotte with a book and snowsuit, and donated $100,000 in her honor to Immunize Canada, which promotes vaccinations. She also received from New Zealand Prime Minister John Key teddy bears, blankets, and booties made from Stansborough wool, and from Chinese President Xi Jinping, a set of silk figurines depicting the Chinese story Dream of the Red Chamber. During their trip to England last month, President and Michelle Obama presented her with a jigsaw puzzle and stuffed Bo dog, matching one already owned by her brother, Prince George. Kensington Palace said some of the items are being used by Princess Charlotte, while others are in storage or were "donated to organizations which could make good use of them." Catherine Garcia

May 2, 2016

On the day before the all-important Indiana Republican primary, Ted Cruz spent nearly eight minutes trying to change the mind of a Donald Trump supporter, who responded by asking Cruz where his "Goldman Sachs jacket" was and demanding that he drop out of the race because "Indiana don't want you."

Cruz was in Marion, Indiana, campaigning alongside Gov. Mike Pence (R), when several protesters began chanting "Lyin' Ted" and "Do the math! Do the math!" Cruz approached one man to tell him he appreciated him "standing up" for what he believes, and said he is "running to be everybody's president." The man reminded Cruz he asked John Kasich to drop out of the race, adding, "It's your turn!" and asked him "Where's your Goldman Sachs jacket? We know your wife works there."

The two continued to go back and forth, with Cruz trying to tell the man that many of Trump's products aren't made in the United States, and that Trump told the New York Times editorial board that he would not really build a giant wall along the U.S. and Mexico border. "Sir, with all respect, Donald Trump is deceiving you," Cruz finally said. "He is playing you for a chump."

Cruz also took the time to pat himself on the back. "If I were Donald Trump, I wouldn't have come over here and talked to you," he said. "I wouldn't have shown you that respect. In fact, I would have told those folks over there, 'Go over and punch those guys in the face.' That's what Donald does to protesters." The protester, unmoved, told Cruz he would find out on Tuesday that "Indiana don't want you." Catherine Garcia

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