The image: Talk about "big in Japan." Just in time for the holiday season, Burger King Japan has announced a merry "Pizza-Sized Burger" that contains four overlapping Whopper patties and is 8.8 inches in diameter. (See the festive image below.) Though similar to a 9.5-inch Pizza Burger briefly sold in New York City last year, Japan's version will be available in two strangely Tex-Mex styles: "Fresh Avocado" and "Cheese Nacho." But, fear not, purists. The Tex-Mex fixings only top half of the burger, while the other half is dressed with traditional BK accoutrements such as tomato, ketchup, onions, and pickles. The unconvincingly Christmassy burger will retail for about $22.

The reaction: "The whole promotion seems to be for the holidays — the Japanese go absolutely bonkers over KFC fried chicken 'party barrels' on Christmas Day," says Paula Forbes at Eater. Let's face it, says Andrew Liszeksi at Gizmodo. This monster burger is "probably never going to make its way into a Christmas carol like figgy pudding did." But at least it "looks more appealing than any goose." And hey, given the steep price and the immense size, it definitely fosters togetherness, says Chris Morran at The Consumerist. You'll need "friends to lighten the load." Feast your eyes: