We have entered the era of Snooki-gate. Appearing on "The View" yesterday, the president claimed unfamiliarity with the diminutive "Jersey Shore" star while being grilled on pop trivia by host Joy Behar, saying sheepishly, "I gotta admit, I don't know who Snooki is." But, last May at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner, Obama seemed well-briefed on Snooki, joking about a special provision in the health care bill's that would exempt her from the "tanning tax." Was Obama feigning elitist ignorance on "The View," or he just reading his lines at the correspondents dinner? "America demands an answer," says Maureen O'Connor in Gawker. "Clearly, this is the Watergate of our time." "I await the naming of a special prosecutor," quips James Poniewozik in Time. Watch the respective videos below: