House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is coming under fire from both the Left and the Right after telling the Catholic Community Conference on Capitol Hill that she pursues public policies "in keeping with the values" of Jesus Christ, "the Word made Flesh." Conservatives erupted in anger, saying the California Democrat's support for abortion is a violation of the Catholic principles she claims to uphold. Some liberal commentators just don't like the fact that she is mixing politics with religion. Did Pelosi err by using Biblical rhetoric? (Watch Pelosi's comments)

Pelosi is kidding herself if she thinks people will buy this: Nancy Pelosi must be feeling guilty about her "perfect pro-abortion voting record," says Jim Hoft in Gateway Pundit. But "this San Francisco radical leftist" is in for a rude awakening if she "thinks she can dupe Americans into believing she’s some kind of Bible-thumpin, verse-quoting revival minister." Which Bible verse does Pelosi want us to think calls for partial-birth abortion?
"Pelosi the Horrible: 'The Word' guides my radical leftist policy decisions"

Keep religion — especially Catholicism — out of politics: Pelosi should stop "groveling" to the church, says Taylor Marsh in her blog. The Catholic Church is "one of the most patriarchal, misogynistic, felonious representatives of the faithful" in the world. Women know they can't count on the Right, but when the Democratic speaker of the House starts genuflecting to the Catholic Church, we're really in trouble.
"Speaker Pelosi’s 'Word made flesh' appearance"

Pelosi energizes Catholics who want social justice: Conservatives love to hate Nancy Pelosi, says Cathy Lynn Grossman in USA Today, but to many "social justice Catholics," she's a hero. They admire her for pushing through health reform, and for chiding priests and bishops for not advocating immigration reform from the pulpit. When Pelosi talks about these policies as examples of "our living the gospels," progressive Catholics who want their church to be a force for social justice cheer her on.
"Nuns, Nancy Pelosi are rock stars to progressive Catholics"