Vice President Joe Biden and his predecessor, Dick Cheney, traded sharp criticism on the Sunday political talk shows, with Cheney accusing the Obama administration of being slow to fight terrorists and Biden accusing Cheney of trying to "rewrite history." Biden said Cheney was ignoring progress Obama had made to weaken al Qaida, and Cheney said Biden is "dead wrong" to suggest another 9/11-style attack is unlikely. Who's right, Biden or Cheney? (Watch THE WEEK's Sunday Talk Show Briefing on Biden and Cheney's showdown)

Dick Cheney is "crazy": Cheney says Obama and Biden are dangerously naive for wanting to prosecute terror suspects in civilian courts, says Steve Benen in the Washington Monthly, but that's exactly what team Bush did with wannabe shoe bomber Richard Reid. Apparently even the Bush administration was "too liberal" for Dick Cheney. It may seem "crazy," "but that's his argument and he's sticking to it."
"Bush/Cheney too liberal for Cheney"

Biden was wrong on Iraq. Cheney was right: Joe Biden was "the weasel who wanted to divide Iraq in three," says Don Surber in the Charleston, W.V., Daily Mail, yet now that the mission in Iraq is "truly accomplished" he wants the credit to go to President Obama. Biden, Obama, and all of America's "elites" should just come out and admit that Dick Cheney and George Bush were right -- "the war did protect America and American interests."
"Cheney is right"

They're both right: Dick Cheney is "dead right" about one thing, says Joe Cirincione in The Huffington Post. The greatest threat America faces today is a nuclear or biological attack by al Qaida. But "Biden correctly points out that the Obama administration, by shifting focus from Iraq to Afghanistan and Pakistan, is more successfully fighting the war" to keep al Qaida from pulling it off.
"Dick Cheney is right; so is Joe Biden"

Cheney and Biden are a meaningless sideshow: Political junkies loved this story -- "dueling veeps!" says Mike Lupica in the New York Daily News. But the bickering between the warmongering Dick Cheney and the clueless Joe Biden didn't offer anything new, and didn't make the rest of us any safer. There was no winner, "just more noise."
"Vice presidents Biden, Cheney make like dopey circus animals on eve of Presidents' Day"