A field guide to identifying what website that headline came from

You won't believe the things you've clicked on

Headlines are recycled many times within a publication.

Yes, Trump does mean the end of the GOP

Yes, Donald Trump could absolutely be the Republican nominee in 2016

Yes, Darth Vader ran for office in Ukraine

Yes, there are lions in India

Yes, there was indeed an upside-down 3 on the FedEx Field turf

The Economist:

In praise of laziness

In praise of misfits

In praise of second best

In praise of aptitude tests

In praise of cheap drugs

In praise of mediocre health care

In praise of Boise

In praise of sensible peeving

In praise of human guinea pigs

In praise of one-man bands

In praise of artificial meat

In praise of celestial mechanics

In praise of moons

In praise of the emerging-market regulatory model

In praise of nerds

In praise of the Donald

In praise of noodling

In praise of holy fudge

In praise of the humble USB

The Atlantic:

Zen and the art of cubicle living

Zen and the art of college admissions

Zen and the art of picking blackberries

Zen and the art of politics

Zen and the art of woodworking

Zen and the art of highlining

The Huffington Post:

You won't believe this Is a manufactured home

You won't believe these are oil paintings

You won't believe what this woman did to propose to her girlfriend

You won't believe what Rand Paul said about his environmental record

You won't believe how this Atlanta queen jokes about gun violence and AIDS

You won't believe who Bill O'Reilly is related to

You won't believe how this guy beat Dark Souls

You won't believe the damage this little chunk of ice caused

You won't believe what Toni Braxton's gynecologist told her to do

You won't believe what's under these ordinary folks' clothes

Pharaoh said no. You won't believe what God did next.

Business Insider:

Don't criticize what you can't understand

Don't believe the headlines about Japan's economy

Don't stress about your debt

Don't meet me in St. Louis

Don't just sit there!

Don't eat that shrimp


The great northern Virginia toll controversy, explained

Beyoncé's rise to fame, explained

Your high cable bill, explained

Star Wars lightsaber colors, explained

Man buns, explained

Soul patches, explained

Deez Nuts, explained

Candy corn: Halloween's most contentious sweet, explained

The philosophical problem of killing baby Hitler, explained

The sign bunny meme, explained

Vox's new homepage, explained

Penguins, explained

Minions, explained

The New York Times:

What Shamu taught me about a happy marriage

What Eisenhower taught me about decision-making

What Steve Jobs taught me about being a son and a father

What yoga taught me about the balanced life

What Lou Reed taught me about love

What a cow taught me About running

New York:

A guide to attacks on teen first daughters

A guide to the experimental treatments being used to fight Ebola

A guide to 2016 candidates trash-talking each other

A guide to Rand Paul's Us Weekly facts

A guide to the city's urban farmers

A guide to the universe of Japanese candy

A guide to the hedge-fund elite

A guide to jumping on the 2015 Rangers bandwagon

(Note that New York typically uses two headlines, one that shows up on Google and another that appears on the article page itself. The above are the headlines geared for Google results.)


President Obama slams Fox News

Obama slams Trump on immigration

Obama slams Warren on trade comments

Obama slams Walker on right-to-work law

Obama slams Cantor for use of props

Obama slams Cheney on 60 Minutes

Obama slams Ryan budget on tour

Obama slams Romney on Jeep ad in Ohio

Obama slams Thomas, hugs McCain

Obama slams Republicans over 'not a scientist' comments

Obama slams GOP on Social Security

Obama slams Sony, takes aim at North Korea

Obama slams auto executives

Obama slams sequester politics

Obama slams smear photo

Obama slams New Yorker portrayal


Today in "new and awful things about being poor"

Today In Matt Drudge's racial phantasm

Today In profoundly racist Drudge Report headlines

Today in Matt Drudge photo selection follies

Today in Mitt Romney trying to relate to voters (and again)

Today in Obama's nation-fixing Cabinet news

Today in D.C.'s polyamorous gay murder

Today In Sundance hell (many installments)

Today in product review spoilers

Today In trainwrecks

Today in microaggressions

Today in autopsies

Today In torture

Today in bullshit

Today in wait, what?

The Week:

Confessions of a college fixer

Confessions of a college admissions officer

Confessions of a bandwagon sports fan

Confessions of a Patriots fan

Confessions of a football mom

Confessions of a millennial who hasn’t invested a dime in stock

Confessions of an out-of-control penny-pincher

Confessions of a trust-fund baby

Confessions of overearners

Confessions of an underearner

Confessions of an NSA apologist

Confessions of an Edward Snowden apologist

Confessions of a hotel insider

Confessions of a former TSA officer

Confessions of a bad teacher

Confessions of a reality TV producer

Confessions of 4 serial job-hoppers

Confessions of an asexual woman

Confessions of a suicide survivor

Confessions of a budding Periscope addict


10 states sue FEMA over flood insurance rate hike
FEMA State Disaster Recovery Center after Hurricane Ian
'a natural disaster of its own'

10 states sue FEMA over flood insurance rate hike

Are cannabis social equity programs a flop?
 Green cannabis leaf lying down on sound block and gavel
Talking point

Are cannabis social equity programs a flop?

Should good Samaritanism be legally required?
People holding hands.
Talking point

Should good Samaritanism be legally required?

Does US media ignore missing people of color?
An illustrated image of hands pointing at a white marble, ignoring non-white marbles
Today's big question

Does US media ignore missing people of color?

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How could AI cause human extinction?
An illustrated image of the evolution of humans, marching toward a city on fire
Today's big question

How could AI cause human extinction?

Why are so many boomers homeless?
Homeless person and tents
Today's big question

Why are so many boomers homeless?

US births did not return to pre-pandemic levels in 2022
Pregnant woman holding ultrasound photo.
bye, bye, baby

US births did not return to pre-pandemic levels in 2022