Three days of hate in Donald Trump's America

On Tuesday, Donald Trump was elected president. Almost immediately, a rash of racism, sexism, abuse, and hatred spread across the country.

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Over the next few days, a rash of racism, sexism, abuse, and hatred spread across the country.

Many of the following stories were collected by activist Shaun King; more can be found on his Twitter timeline.

Here is a look at the first three days of Donald Trump's America. And be warned: The language and images below are highly upsetting. Sadly, they are all too real.

Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016

"I told them to back off when one of the men pushed me towards the wall. The woman then pulled my hair throwing all different kinds of racial slurs saying things like, 'Can you even speak English?' or 'Nobody even cares for your kind, you're hardly human, just an animal.' I started to cry and the threats just continued. I pushed back, trying to run or go through them, but I was immediately pushed back. Two older men came running to me and they tried to break up the commotion. One of the men was protecting me, as the woman was still trying to pull my hair saying, 'I can't believe you'd even protect something like that. Now that Trump's president, you won't have to see that!' The man protecting me pushed her back and she stopped. One of the men threatening said, 'You can't even tell what it is, is it Asian, Mexican, it needs to get out of here.'" [Facebook]

"A Muslim student at San Diego State University was robbed Wednesday by two men who made comments 'about President-elect Trump and the Muslim community,' according to a police statement." [The San Diego Union-Tribune]

"My first racist encounter after our new joke of a president, as I am at Walmart today a woman came up to me and pulled my hijab off and said, 'This is not allowed anymore, so go hang yourself with it around your neck, not your head.' I am traumatized." [Facebook]

"Fuck niggers. #WhitesOnly. Trump." -Scrawled on a door in Maple Grove Senior High, Minnesota. [Facebook]

"Dropping Jude off at school this morning and noticed a group of fifth graders chanting 'build a wall!' Fifth graders. Clearly they were parroting hate they heard at home. I'm so sad. I'm sad for our children. Here in Ventura [California], Jude is only one of a few Hispanic children in the school." [Facebook]

"Now that Trump is president, we're gonna beat you chinks up and send you back to China!" [Facebook]

"Guys, a Trump supporter tried pulling off my hijab ... This is not a joke anymore, all non-whites have become targets. Stay safe." [Twitter]

"My mom literally just texted me 'don't wear the hijab please' and she's the most religious person in our family..." [Twitter]

"My cousin (born + raised in America) walked past a Trump rally in NYC (where she lives!!!) and was told "go back to your country you chink." [Twitter]

"So one of my student's aunts had to go pick up her daughter from school today because a boy grabbed her vagina. She's 10. When asked why, he said that if a president can do it, I can too." [Facebook]

"'Black lives don't matter and neither does your vote' was spray painted on two Durham walls within a quarter mile of each other and community members are upset." [CBS North Carolina]

"A USPS worker was filling up gas at a Shell station in Cambridge, MA... The USPS worker, a bearded white male, yelled at another male (who looked of Hispanic descent): 'Go back to your country. This is Trump Land. You ain't getting your check no more.' The other male went into the gas station and when he came out there was another heated exchange. This is repulsive, racist behavior and I hope it will be followed up on seriously." [Twitter]

"Can't wait until your 'marriage' is overturned by a real president. Gay families = burn in hell. Trump 2016. Repent. God bless." [A note stuck on a car in North Carolina]

"I just got back from class and on my way to class this guy went out of his way to bump into me and sort of shoved me off the sidewalk. And he said, 'No niggers allowed on the sidewalk.' And I was just shocked, I had no words. And this other guy behind, neither of them I knew, and the other one said, 'Dude, what are you doing, that's not cool.' And the other one was like, 'Dude, what? I'm just trying to make America great again.'" [Twitter]

"Spray-painted swastikas, racist graffiti, and references to Donald Trump and Nazi Germany have appeared on a South Philadelphia storefront and elsewhere. The graffiti was spotted at Broad and Wharton streets a day after a bitter presidential election and on the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht (or the Night of Broken Glass) attacks on Jews in Germany in 1938." [Philly.com]

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2016

"Other side of the wall for you." [Facebook]

"This is White America now. Take your retarded self and go somewhere else. Trump is president now." [Facebook]

"A man came up to our table behind my seated friend and proceeded to, without greeting or warning or words at all, put his arms around her, hug her, and kiss her cheek. We all assumed it was an old friend and she squirmed around to see who it was and it was a complete stranger! … We all started telling him in no uncertain terms that he doesn't get to do that, just touch and kiss anyone whenever he feels like it, and he responded, 'But Trump just won the presidential race.'" [Facebook]

"Sitting at the DMV and just witnessed something horrible. An older white man decided he didn't want to wait in line. He loudly yelled, 'I'm so glad Trump was elected. He will put an end to this bullshit.' And then, to the Hispanic woman in front of him, he said, "And you need to get the hell out of here and go back to your country." [Facebook]

"Parents at Shasta High School in Redding, California, just wrote me and said white kids brought 'deportation letters' for Latino students." [Twitter]

"Tonight, while at a concert in Covington [Ohio], two guys tried to push through a female security guard who was blocking off the bottom section of the venue. When they finally stepped back and understood she wasn't going to let them through, they went on to joke and laugh about how they were going to 'Donald Trump' her. You can figure out what that means on your own. When I turned around and told them to have some respect, they chanted 'Trump' in my face." [Facebook]

"A possible attack against the local LGBTQ community happened this week — less than 24 hours after Election Day. There have been reports of rainbow pride flags being burned outside homes in Rochester [New York]. ... The victims, Greg Ventura and Lois Graham, say that they are shocked and believe that this was a hate crime." [RochesterFirst.com]

"At Canisius College in Buffalo, in what officials said began as a prank, a black doll was photographed hanging from a curtain rod in a dorm room on Tuesday night. 'One student created a meme with language about 'Trump fans' and sent it to friends,' a university statement said." [The New York Times]

Friday, Nov. 10, 2016

"Staff. I am writing to inform you of a situation happening on campus. Today, at least one GroupMe was made entitled 'Mud Men.' Every single black member of the Class of 2020 was added to this. Inside this GroupMe were messages suggesting a lynching of African-American students and photos of Jim Crow-era lynchings. Even an event was created entitled 'Daily Lynching' with today's date." [Email to University of Pennsylvania staff]

"A Trump voter accosted my best friend's husband — a U.S.-born citizen of Korean heritage whose father served — to go back to his country. WTF." [Twitter]

"I was out last night with a few friends, minding our own business until this man started screaming obnoxiously a few feet away from us. He was yelling random blabber and obscenities and then he yelled the words 'nigger bitch' and I immediately understood he was talking to me. I was the only black person in my friend group, let alone the whole area where we were sitting. We all got up and proceeded to slowly leave, not causing any trouble or saying anything. We just needed to get out of there. He continued to yell some more obscenities at me, saying how he was going to kill me and my family." [Twitter]

"[Psychotherapist Quinn] Gee says three of her clients between the ages of 10 and 14 needed to be placed on emergency suicide hold after the election. The children were stressed and afraid for the future, because their parents were undocumented immigrants, or because their parents were gay, Gee says." [The Verge]

"When your school is so scared that Trump is president that they have to come on the intercom and reassure that things will be okay." [Twitter]

"I'm very scared to live in America right now." [Twitter]

"I'm scared." [Twitter]

"I'm scared." [Twitter]

"I'm scared." [Twitter]


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