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Ozzy Osbourne says he's leaving America due to gun violence: 'Everything's f--king ridiculous there'

Mama, he's coming home. 

Ozzy Osbourne tells The Observer he and his wife, Sharon, are moving back to the United Kingdom from Los Angeles, citing gun violence in the United States. 

"Everything's f--king ridiculous there," he said. "I'm fed up with people getting killed every day. God knows how many people have been shot in school shootings. And there was that mass shooting in Vegas at that concert ... It' f--king crazy. And I don't want to die in America. I don't want to be buried in f--king Forest Lawn." 

Sharon Osbourne, meanwhile, told The Observer they aren't going home for health reasons after Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Instead, she explained, "It's just time. America has changed so drastically. It isn't the United States of America at all. Nothing's united about it. It's a very weird place to live right now."

The Osbournes, who have been in Los Angeles for over 20 years, plan to move back to Buckinghamshire in February and currently have their Los Angeles mansion up on the market for $18 million, according to The Observer. "It's just time for me to come home," Osbourne said.

In March, the former Black Sabbath singer told the Mirror he and Sharon would be leaving the U.S. because "the tax is getting too much" in California. 

"I am sad because I really really like staying and living there," he said. "If they do the taxes better then I may come back. I do not know."