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nightmare at 20,000 feet

Camila Alves McConaughey describes 'chaos' on flight that 'dropped almost 4,000 feet'

Actor Matthew McConaughey and his wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, were on the recent Lufthansa flight that had to make an emergency landing due to severe turbulence, and the latter is opening up about the "chaos" on board. 

On Instagram, Alves McConaughey revealed that she and her husband were on the flight that "you are seeing on the news today," telling followers she "was told [the] plane dropped almost 4,000 feet" and that "7 people went to the hospital." The model also shared a video taken from the fight, which showed food spilled into the aisle. 

"Everything was flying everywhere," she wrote. "To respect the privacy of those around me that's all I am showing but the plane was a CHAOS And the turbulence [kept] on coming."

In a statement to CNN, the airline confirmed that Lufthansa Flight 469, which was traveling from Texas to Germany, experienced "clear air turbulence, which can occur without visible weather phenomena or advance warning," about 90 minutes after takeoff. The airline added that the "affected passengers were given initial care on board by the flight attendants trained for such cases." Due to the extreme turbulence, the flight was diverted to Virginia. 

Alves McConaughey thanked "God everyone was safe and ok" in her Instagram post, adding that she and McConaughey "made it to the bar with 1 minute before closing … slept well, getting on [a] new flight today."