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Trump is apparently a fan of Dr. Oz's Senate candidacy

Former President Donald Trump reportedly believes TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz has a chance in the Pennsylvania Senate primary, Politico reports, per a source close to the ex-president.

Trump has apparently been "complimentary" of the television doctor, and likes that Oz is "in the mainstream of America and that he had a ton of face time with voters, similar to The Apprentice," the source told Politico. He's also into the fact that Oz is "omnipresent in people's houses through their television." Sounds like Trump sees a bit of himself in the medical professional.

Meanwhile, some Senate Republicans also appear open to Oz as "the miracle cure for their headaches in Pennsylvania," Politico writes, per interviews with lawmakers.

"He's got an incredible background and personal story," said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) of Oz. "It's good news for the Republican Party, and I think he'd be very competitive."

"It's great to have someone who certainly is a game-changer the very first moment," added Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.). "Who doesn't love a guy that's got 100 percent name ID and a whole bunch of money?"