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Mark Zuckerberg dropped into a popular dog Facebook group — and got heckled

Just because he's the CEO, that doesn't mean he can break the rules....at least not in this group.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the subject of comments-section ridicule this week after neglecting to share a photo of his dog alongside a guest post in popular Facebook group Dogspotting Society. As any of the group's self-respecting members would know, an accompanying dog picture is required for each and every group post — a practice some refer to as "paying the dog tax."

Zuckerberg only wanted to alert the community of new features "to help groups elevate experts and discussion within their communities," but, as the dogspotters insisted, he is not above the law. 

"UR VIOLATING THE RULES MARK BY NOT POSTING A DOG PIC," one user commented. "Where's the f------ dog, Mark?!?" said another. "DANG IT Mark Zuckerberg YOU NEED A DOG PICTURE FOR TAX," added a third.

Rest assured, Zuckerberg shortly thereafter righted his wrongs, and shared not one, not two, but eight photos of his Puli named Beast. Woof — that was close.