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Biden announces free internet for millions of low-income Americans

You've heard of Obamaphones. Now get ready for Biden-net.

President Biden announced Monday that his administration has reached an agreement with 20 internet providers — including AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon — to provide discounted high-speed internet service to low-income Americans, The Washington Post reports.

"Over the last few months, my administration has worked closely with internet providers — this is a case where big business stepped up — urging them to cut their prices and raise their speeds. I'm trying to get others to do the same thing with inflation, but these guys are the best," Biden said in the Rose Garden on Monday, drawing laughs with the last line. Biden has repeatedly blamed high inflation rates on corporate greed.

"So now," he continued, "families who are eligible can select a plan from a participating provider and receive high-speed internet at no cost in most cases."

The plan will cover some 48 million households and, when combined with existing federal subsidies, make internet service entirely free to consumers. Last year's trillion-dollar infrastructure bill set aside around $14 billion to fund those subsidies.

Per the Post, "consumers can check whether they qualify for discounted service at getinternet.gov, or by calling (877) 384-2575."