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'it means a lot'

San Francisco Giants' Alyssa Nakken makes MLB history by coaching on the field during game

Alyssa Nakken just made more MLB history. 

The San Francisco Giants coach during a game on Tuesday took over on first base, becoming the first woman to ever coach on the field during a regular-season major league game, The Associated Press reports. She did so after coach Antoan Richardson was ejected in the third inning, and San Diego Padres first baseman Eric Hosmer shook her hand as she came onto the field. The Giants ultimately defeated the Padres 13-2. 

"Sometimes I think we always limit ourselves to thinking what we could do," Nakken told MLB.com. "At least that's my experience. I never thought that I could do something like this because I never saw it. So I think, sure, it's certainly important for people to be able to see that this is an opportunity and they can see somebody that kind of looks like them going out there and coaching in the big leagues." 

Nakken was hired as an assistant under Giants manager Gabe Kapler in 2020 and became the first full-time female MLB coach. She previously played first base at Sacramento State and first joined the Giants as an intern in baseball operations. In July 2020, she made history when she coached on the field for the Giants during an exhibition game. 

After Tuesday's game, Nakken told NBC Sports she was "prepared for this moment" that she would coach on the field, "never knew if or when it would happen, but was ready to step in when the team needed me to." She added, "It means a lot."

Kapler also said Nakken "does so many other things well that aren't seen" that it's "nice to see her be right there and get the spotlight and do it on the field."