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Miami-Dade officials say they've heard 'banging' but no voices from rubble of condo tower, 99 people still missing

Miami-Dade officials said on Thursday afternoon that 102 people have been accounted for after the earlier collapse of a condo tower in Surfside, Florida. At least 99 people are still missing, and rescue teams are working through the rubble of the 12-story building, reports CNN.

The tower partially collapsed early Thursday morning, and search crews said they have heard sound coming from the rubble. During a press conference in the afternoon, Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Ray Jadallah said rescuers had reported a possible "banging" sound, but "we haven't heard any voices coming from the pile." At least two people are currently hospitalized with injuries from the collapse. The Washington Post reports at least one person is confirmed dead, while at least 10 others are confirmed injured.

The Surfside building "was starting a critical inspection process. What went wrong?," asked the Miami Herald. The tower was built in 1981, meaning it was due for its regular recertification process this year. "It's not clear what stage the review process had reached and whether anything had been flagged" as an issue, writes the Herald. Sources said surrounding construction, proximity to the ocean, and possible structural corrosion could all contribute, though "building collapses are exceedingly rare and usually involve a 'perfect storm' of multiple factors."

It will likely take some time, possibly months, to determine what caused the collapse. Read more at the Miami Herald.