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'it was rude'

Courtney Love accuses Olivia Rodrigo of 'stealing' idea for promo

It sounds like Courtney doesn't love a new promo from Olivia Rodrigo. 

Courtney Love put the Sour singer on blast over a recent promo depicting a prom queen holding flowers with smudged mascara, claiming Rodrigo copied the cover to Hole's album Live Through This, which also features a prom queen with flowers and smudged mascara, Entertainment Weekly reports

Of course, that Hole album cover itself is pretty similar to the horror film Carrie, but Love insists it was "my original idea" and that Carrie "is another thing" — though Entertainment Weekly points out a 2019 oral history quoted photographer Ellen von Unwerth as saying the cover was inspired by Carrie

Still, Love slammed Rodrigo for not asking to pay homage, writing, "Stealing an original idea and not asking permission is rude. There's no way to be elegant about it." It really is brutal out here, huh?