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The Many Saints of Newark trailer gives 1st full glimpse of Michael Gandolfini as Tony Soprano

Like father, like son.

Warner Bros. on Tuesday debuted the first trailer for The Many Saints of Newark, a new crime drama that serves as a prequel to The Sopranos. It flashes back to show Tony Soprano when he was a teenager, and after James Gandolfini portrayed the iconic mobster in the HBO series, his actual son, Michael Gandolfini, is playing the young version. James Gandolfini died in 2013. 

In an interview with Vanity Fair earlier this year, Gandolfini recalled how he channeled his late father's performance for the film after watching the show for the very first time

"It was really hard to watch my dad," he said. "I recorded four hours of his monologues with Melfi and walked around New York with them constantly, constantly, constantly playing in my ear." 

Gandolfini also explained to Vanity Fair that in the original series, "the Tony Soprano we know has this beautiful vulnerability underneath and this rough exterior, but what if we flip that on its side and you watch a creative, hopeful, kind, curious kid get whittled down and formed into what he has to be?" 

The cast of The Many Saints of Newark also includes Vera Farmiga as Tony's mother and Jon Bernthal as Tony's father. Check out the trailer, which emphasizes its connection to the original series by dubbing itself "a Sopranos story" and even evoking its famous theme song, below. The film is set to debut in October.