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'depressingly routine'

Capitol Police respond to yet another threat in front of Supreme Court

The United States Capitol Police responded to a suspicous vehicle outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday, warning people to stay away from the area. Officers were successful in defusing the situation, the department announced, adding that the driver was removed from the vehicle and "everyone is safe."

At a press conference, USCP Deputy Chief Jason Bell said the man told responding officers that the "time for talking was done," but upon searching the vehicle they did not find any weapons. Bell added that it's unclear what the suspects motivations or intentions might have been.

Regardless, The New York Times' Jonathan Martin notes that these situations have grown "depressingly routine" in the nation's capital this year, beginning with the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Since then, the most notable incident took place in April when a suspect rammed his vehicle into two police officers, killing one, outside the Capitol.