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Australian officials reportedly probing whether Novak Djokovic lied on entry form

Officials in Australia are reportedly investigating whether tennis star Novak Djokovic submitted false information on an entry form to get into the country. 

The Australian Border Force is looking into whether Djokovic lied by stating on an entry form that he had not and would not travel for 14 days prior to arriving in Australia on Jan. 5, CNN reports. The investigation is in light of the fact that photos appear to show Djokovic in Spain and Serbia in the two weeks prior to his arrival. 

Djokovic, who is not vaccinated against COVID-19, had been set to play in the Australian Open this month after controversially receiving a medical exemption to a vaccine mandate, only for his visa to be canceled at the airport last week. On Monday, he won an appeal in Australian court as a judge ordered the government to reinstate his visa and release him from detention, asking, "What more could this man have done?"

According to CNN, the travel declaration was filled out on Djokovic's behalf by Tennis Australia but using information he provided, and submitting a false travel declaration can be punishable by up to a year in prison. 

Australia's immigration minister Alex Hawke is weighing whether to cancel Djokovic's visa again, according to The New York Times, and when The Guardian asked whether the travel declaration could offer grounds to do so, a spokesperson for Hawke said that "in line with due process, minister Hawke will thoroughly consider the matter." According to The Associated Press, by Tuesday, Djokovic was practicing tennis after his release from detention.