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Sam Elliott apologizes for slamming The Power of the Dog and its 'allusions of homosexuality'

Sam Elliott has some regrets about that controversial Power of the Dog rant. 

The actor has apologized for remarks he made earlier this year criticizing the film The Power of the Dog and its "allusions of homosexuality." Speaking at a Deadline panel, Elliott said he "wasn't very articulate" in describing his feelings about the film. 

"I said some things that hurt people," Elliott said. "And I feel terrible about that. The gay community has been incredible to me my entire career. ... and I'm sorry that I hurt any of those friends." 

On the WTF podcast in late February, Elliott criticized the Western from director Jane Campion, calling it a "piece of s--t." He said the characters in the movie, which centers around a repressed gay man, reminded him of Chippendales dancers. "They're all running around in chaps and no shirts," he said. "There's all these allusions of homosexuality throughout the f--king movie." He also asked of Campion, "What the f--k does this woman from New Zealand know about the American West?" 

Elliott apologized to the "brilliant" cast of The Power of the Dog and especially its star, Benedict Cumberbatch. "I can only say that I'm sorry, and I am," he said.

Cumberbatch previously called Elliott's comments "very odd," criticizing the "denial that anybody could have anything other than a heteronormative existence because of what they do for a living or where they're born." Campion also dismissed the comments, saying Elliott is "not a cowboy, he's an actor." She added that he "was being a little bit of a B-I-T-C-H."