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Megan Thee Stallion speaks out after guilty verdict in Tory Lanez shooting: 'More than just vindication for me'

Megan Thee Stallion is speaking out about the Tory Lanez shooting trial one last time, four months after he was found guilty. 

The rapper has penned an essay for Elle after Lanez in December was convicted of shooting her. In the essay, she notes that not everyone believed her story, and she "overcame the public humiliation of having my name and reputation dragged through the mud" by Lanez "for the entire world to see," adding that "people treated my trauma like a running joke." It "never crossed my mind that people wouldn't believe me," she noted, writing that she views herself "as a survivor." 

Megan went on to refute the idea that she "inexplicably healed because I was still smiling through the pain," revealing she actually "started falling into a depression" and "was in such a low place that I didn't even know what I wanted to rap about." But when a jury found Lanez guilty of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and other charges in December, she said it "was more than just vindication for me, it was a victory for every woman who has ever been shamed, dismissed, and blamed for a violent crime committed against them." 

Now, Megan said she has been "healing after being in such a dark place" and is "taking the appropriate steps to resume my life," and although she's "in a happier place," she still has "anxiety." She also said this will be "the final time that I'll address anything regarding this case in the press," as she is "more than just my trauma." The rapper concluded by calling for "safer environments for women to come forward about violent behavior without fear of retaliation." 

Lanez's attorneys are pushing for a new trial, and his sentencing has been delayed. He faces more than 22 years in prison.