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Immigration Reform

Obama: GOP 'nativists' blocking immigration reform

In a discussion about his recent executive actions on immigration, President Obama called out "nativists" in the Republican Party who he claimed are obstructing immigration reform, in an interview with NPR published on Monday morning.

The question then becomes, by me having taken these actions, does that spur those voices in the Republican Party who I think genuinely believe immigration is good for our country? Does it spur them to work once again with Democrats and my administration to get a reasonable piece of legislation done?

Or does it simply solidify what I do think is a nativist trend in parts of the Republican Party? And if it's the latter, then probably we're not going to get much more progress done, and it'll be a major debate in the next presidential election. [NPR]

As it happens, a new poll shows that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is considered a moderate on the issue, enjoys a 10-point lead over a pack of other possible Republican presidential contenders.