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Parents prank son, tell him he has Ebola

We're already well aware that Ebola is nothing to joke about.

But when an Ebola prank is made in the privacy of your own home, who's to judge? Tens of thousands of YouTube viewers, that's who.

A short video posted on Wednesday shows what appears to be a family at home, crowded into a hallway. The mom, wearing a mask over her face, is reading the temperature of her tween-age son who stands before her with a doe-eyed fear.

"Look at his temperature," she says to the man behind the camera. "Oh hell no," he says. "This one's got Ebola."

The kid immediately lets out a long, painful wail. Well, technically, he breaks down before the dad even says the word "Ebola," but perhaps he'd been prepared for this dire diagnosis. There's no "gotcha!" caught on camera, only the slowed-down version of the boy's tears.

While there's a chance the video is simply a decently acted family skit, I couldn't help but giggle. But you can judge for yourself. --Lauren Hansen