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World War II pilot found buried in his cockpit

Researchers have uncovered the remains of an Italian World War II pilot — and he was dutiful until the end.

Lt. Guerrino Bortolani's body was found sitting on his cockpit's parachute, Discovery News reports. Bortolani's plane crashed on March 11, 1944 in northern Italy's Padua countryside.

Bortolani died in a "dogfight with U.S. pilots," according to Discovery News. His remains, along with the wreckage of his plane, the Macchi 205 Veltro, were found 13 feet below ground. The researchers also unearthed the ring Bortolani was given in the fighter pilot academy.

The late Bortolani, who died at 27, will be "finally given a proper burial in the next months" as his relatives are located, Discovery News adds.