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Fox News' Neil Cavuto tells carping Republicans to 'shut up' about Obama's Ebola czar

On Tuesday, Neil Cavuto said he has a "message for Republicans who continue to attack Ron Klain," the "Ebola czar" President Obama appointed last Friday. His message: "Shut up." Klain doesn't have a medical background? "Neither do a lot of you guys," Cavuto noted, "but that hasn't stopped you from pontificating as if you were Marcus Welby." George W. Bush's bird flu czar was also a political insider, not a doctor, he added, and he did just fine:

Bottom line, you don't need an MD to simply get this. Ebola calls for a coordinated and coherent government response now.... By the way, remember it was some pretty impressive doctors that screwed up this country's initial response to this Ebola mess. [Cavuto]

Cavuto ended his impressive three-minute tirade with a call for civility: "Remember, just because this virus is mutating doesn't mean simple civility and decency should be mutating with it. Because that would be sick." The whole unexpected rebuke is worth a watch. Which you can do below. --Peter Weber