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2014 midterms

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker defends voter ID law

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) addressed his voter ID law, the enforcement of which the Supreme Court just blocked, in a gubernatorial debate on Friday.

"It doesn't matter if there's one, 100 or 1,000," Walker said. "Amongst us, who would be that one person who would like to have our vote canceled out by a vote that was cast illegally?"

The Supreme Court blocked implementation of the 2011 law in a 6-3 vote on Thursday. The law would require voters to show an approved photo ID when arriving at the polls. A federal district judge found the law unconstitutional earlier this year, saying it disproportionately affected racial minorities.

Politico reported that the Democratic challenger for Wisconsin governor, Mary Burke, told Walker it was "shocking" that he would try to stop some 300,000 Wisconsin residents who do not have the necessary forms and identification from voting.