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Jimmy Fallon, will.i.am debut the video for their teen anthem 'Ew!'

OMG, Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am made a music video as Sara and mir.i.am, best friends who find everything from duck lips to Facetime to reclining airplane seats annoying.

In "Ew!" the two rap and sing about girls who are basically basic and how haters are gonna hate. The most scathing rhymes are saved for Sara's stepdad Gary, who just really, really wants to hang out with the "funky bunch," but instead makes everyone say, "Ew."

Viewers of The Tonight Show already know that Fallon throws himself into recurring character Sara, but who knew will.i.am could totally nail the cadence of a teen girl, even while wearing headgear? Check out "Ew!" below. --Catherine Garcia