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Joseph Gordon-Levitt will (probably) play Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone's next movie

You have to give Oliver Stone credit for timeliness. His George Bush biopic W. came out while Bush was still in office, and his Wall Street sequel hit theaters in the wake of the biggest market crisis in decades. Now, barely a year after Edward Snowden leaked thousands of classified NSA documents, Stone is prepping a movie based on Snowden's life — and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will probably star in it.

Variety reports that Joseph-Gordon-Levitt has agreed to play Edward Snowden in The Snowden Files, a movie written and directed by Stone (and based on Time of the Octopus, which was written by Snowden's lawyer). The negotiations haven't been formalized, but both Stone and Gordon-Levitt "want the deal to happen" — so the details about the movie's production probably won't be classified for much longer.