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The Daily Showdown

Jon Stewart ruthlessly mocks the sexist old men of the Senate, and their defenders at Fox News

Last week, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) made some news by disclosing in a new book that older male Senate colleagues have commented on her weight in the halls of Congress, with one cautioning her not to "get porky" and another saying, "I like my girls chubby." See, said Jon Stewart on Tuesday night's Daily Show, even when it comes to rank sexism, "the Senate is gridlocked!"

Jokes aside, Stewart's point is a serious one: The Senate is stocked with old men who grope and make sexist comments to their female colleagues. And judging by the lack of surprise from women who've spent time covering Congress, there are probably more than a few of these guys. "Now, I'm not saying these comments would be appropriate in any context," Stewart said, "but there's a certain irony to being judged on one's physical appearance by a group of men who, if you squint, look, on a good day, like a bowl of dried fruit." He then made a slightly ruder comparison.

At this point, Stewart shifted the discussion slightly, turning to a conversation at Fox News where the female hosts defended or even appreciated catcalling, and guest Arthur Aidala showed off his "move" — slow-clapping. Senior Congressional Correspondent Jessica Williams brought it all together, telling "that Telly Savalas-looking" guy Aidala and other men who make unsolicited comments about women to "get some impulse control," because "believe it or not, getting the horny clap of approval from any guy does not improve my day, it actually kind of creeps me out." --Peter Weber