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The new World Trade Center logo provides a bittersweet reminder of its history

The World Trade Center revealed its new logo Wednesday, and its simple design is a perfect reflection of the building's history and rebirth.

The logo doubles as a trident, representing the "three-fingered steel columns at the base of the twin towers, still standing after the 2001 attack" and as a capital "W," according to The New York Times. The "W" stands for World Trade Center as well as for the Westfield World Trade Center shopping area that will open in 2015.

The symbol includes smaller references to the towers' destruction, too. The two spaces between the columns represent the Tribute in Light, and the two spaces beneath the columns represent the 9/11 Memorial's pools. Even more subtle, the top three bars of the trident include a 17.76-degree slope — evoking the exact height of One World Trade Center.

Below, check out an image of the new logo, which was created by identity firm Landor Associates. --Meghan DeMaria