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Crime and punishment

Biogenesis founder Tony Bosch surrendered to the DEA for peddling performance-enhancing drugs

Disgraced Biogenesis head Tony Bosch, whose now-defunct clinic allegedly distributed performance-enhancing drugs to pro athletes, surrendered early Tuesday morning to the Drug Enforcement Agency. An as-yet unspecified number of others involved in the clinic also turned themselves in as part of the DEA's Operation Strikeout.

The arrests come exactly one year after Major League Baseball announced the suspensions of a dozen players — including Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez — accused of taking banned substances obtained through the clinic.

Bosch has reportedly reached a deal to plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute steroids, according to ESPN. As ESPN's T.J. Quinn notes, Bosch has not only been tied to pro athletes, but clinic documents indicate he peddled the same substances to well-heeled private citizens and high-school athletes, too.

Though MLB originally came after Bosch with dubious extralegal tactics in its bid to unveil suspected drug cheats, the league eventually turned him into a star witness in its case against A-Rod.