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Donald Sterling calls his wife a pig, says he'll die before selling Clippers

Donald Sterling is still fighting for ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

During his trial Wednesday, Sterling denounced his wife and her lawyers and vowed to sue the NBA.

"I will never, ever sell this team, and until I die I will be suing the NBA for this terrible violation under antitrust," Sterling said. Wednesday was the second day of testimony during the trial to determine Sterling's wife's right to sell the Clippers in a $2 billion deal with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Earlier this year, the NBA banned Donald Sterling for life and attempted to force him to sell the Clippers after he made racist statements.

When his wife, Shelly, approached him, Sterling called her a "pig" and shouted at her to stay away from him. During his testimony, Sterling said his wife had "deceived" him by subjecting him to psychiatric examinations.

"She has no rights whatsoever. She has no stock," Sterling said of his wife's involvement in the Sterling Family Trust, which owns the Clippers. "She has no standing whatsoever." Shelly Sterling, however, said at the trial that she is a 50 percent beneficiary of the trust.

Shelly Sterling's testimony resumes Thursday, and NBA owners are scheduled to vote on the deal with Ballmer on July 15. If the sale of the Clippers isn't completed by Sept. 15, the league may auction the team.