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Keira Knightley: Love Actually is the 'greatest movie ever made'

Keira Knightley: Love Actually is the 'greatest movie ever made'

Here at The Week, there's a long-standing debate over the merits of 2003's Love Actually. In a new interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Keira Knightley offered her opinion of the movie, giving it a glowing review.

Knightley appeared on the show to promote her new film, Begin Again, but the discussion eventually veered to her role in Love Actually. "The great debate is whether... Love Actually is either the greatest movie ever made, or the absolute worst movie ever made," host Joe Scarborough said. "I go out and ask people and it's always about a 50-50 split," he added, imploring Knightley to "break the tie" and decide the merits of the movie.

Knightley didn't need long to craft her answer, responding that Love Actually is "obviously the greatest movie ever made," and adding that the film should "absolutely" be on cable more than it currently is. To close the segment, Scarborough also admitted that he still cries at the end of You've Got Mail. Watch the full interview below. --Meghan DeMaria