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A little misspelling doesn't take away from Lionel Richie's lifetime achievement award

Hello? Is it Lionel Richie or Ritchie you're looking for?

Richie, one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, was honored with a lifetime achievement award during the BET Awards that aired Sunday night. Unfortunately, someone got a little too excited while typing out the captions and added a "t" to his name, which got Twitter all atwitter.

That gaffe didn't take away from his moving acceptance speech. In a message to the up-and-coming musicians in the room, he said: "Soul is a feeling, not a color. Talent is a God-given gift, and not a category. Out-of-the-box is that magical place where talent, true talent, goes to live and thrive and breathe. May you never give that up as long as you're in this business." Watch the speech below. --Catherine Garcia