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A marijuana food truck is opening in Washington — but there's a catch

You ever shop for veggies — on weed? That will soon be a legitimate option for people in Everett, Washington, when the Magical Butter company this weekend opens its Samich truck to sell weed-infused foodstuffs at a local farmer's market.

However, the company will be operating in murky legal territory when it starts dishing lunches from its converted school bus. The state isn't letting anyone sell recreational weed until July, and even then it won't be licensing those who sell pot-filled foods.

So to skirt that dilemma, the Magical Butter folks will be using medical marijuana for their treats. Since the state doesn't control medical marijuana, the truck will be operating in a "gray area," Washington Attorney General bob Ferguson told The Spokesman-Review.

In other words: The green foods have the green light.