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Elderly couple survive car flipping over, snap selfies afterwards

An elderly couple celebrated surviving a car crash by doing what any teenager would do — they snapped photos, even though the wife was still trapped inside the vehicle.

ABC7 reports that Benjamin and Elizabeth Neufeld were turning into the driveway of their home in Bel Air, a tony Los Angeles neighborhood, when their car toppled over. They still aren't sure how it happened, because "it didn't skid, it didn't slide, it didn't bounce, it just fell over," Benjamin, 87, told ABC7.

He was able to get out of their Honda, but 85-year-old Elizabeth, who was driving, wasn't able to exit on her own. As they waited for help, the (thankfully) uninjured couple asked their neighbor to take photos. "I'm sending her pictures while she's trapped in this car, and Ben is right outside the car just kind of going, 'Hey, you OK in there?'" Cara Steinberg said.

Elizabeth was eventually extracted by Los Angeles County firefighters, but not before she asked for her purse so she could take a selfie. --Catherine Garcia