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Jon Stewart incredulously mocks the IRS's shoddy record-keeping

Add Jon Stewart to the list of people disgusted with the IRS's vanished emails. Well, disgusted may not be the right word, exactly. The IRS scandal isn't, as conservative Tea Partiers would like to believe, President Obama ordering the tax collectors "to target them, while he sat in a dark room smoking a cigar, stroking a cat," Stewart said on Tuesday night's Daily Show, but it is something — the IRS is definitely "giving off scandal stink."

Stewart is as archly annoyed as everyone else that the government agency which forces "Americans to live like borderline hoarders only keeps their shit for six months." But unlike the IRS's myriad other critics, Stewart said the big scandal is that the government's internal communication systems border on "criminal idiocy." And that makes him sad. So he ended with a plea to Uncle Sam, on behalf of the citizenry: "Just because we're totally unreasonable doesn't mean that you have to be totally incompetent." --Peter Weber