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Lions and singing and cookies, oh my

Woman scales Memphis Zoo fence, tries to feed lions cookies

The Memphis Zoo has banned a woman for life after she breached a barrier and tried to feed dessert to a pack of lions while singing to them.

"I've never seen someone singing to a lion," one witness, speaking for pretty much all of us, told local station WMC-TV. "It was really loud."

The unidentified woman — who reportedly was booted from the zoo last week for throwing objects into the exhibit — crossed a railing and pushed through thorn bushes to reach a piano wire fence, the last barrier to the lion enclosure. Once there, she started "singing a song she had apparently made up," according to Reuters, while trying to press cookies through gaps in the fence.

The zoo did not comment on what kind of cookies the woman offered the lions, though it would only be fitting had the treats been animal crackers.