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Jon Stewart mocks Fox News for slamming Obama on the Benghazi terrorist capture, fawning over Hillary

On Wednesday night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart was bemused by how Fox News found fault with the flawless commando raid President Obama ordered to catch suspected Bengahzi attack ringleader Ahmed Abu Khattala — especially after months of Fox News criticizing Obama for failing to bring Abu Khattala to justice. "It's your white whale — why are you being such Moby Dicks about this?" Stewart asked Fox, cleverly managing to be both literate and juvenile in the same breath.

But Stewart was most amused by Fox News' voiced suspicion that Obama intentionally announced Abu Kattala's capture on the day that Clinton was to be interviewed on Fox News, to somehow spoil that heavily promoted interview: "Normally, to find that level of sophisticated understanding of causality, you would have to talk to a 2-year-old." And how did the interview go? Surprisingly friendly, with a fawning buildup. Stewart didn't just hit Fox, though. He also mocked CNN for, well, being a self-congratulatory self-parody of CNN. His parting shot to CNN is both mean and well-deserved. --Peter Weber