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The No. 2 Scandal of the Year

Mayor of San Marino resigns after throwing bag of dog poop on neighbor's lawn

Dennis Kneier, the Mayor of San Marino, California, resigned Tuesday as a result of the recent, very peculiar scandal in which he threw a bag of dog waste onto his neighbor's lawn.

"As is well known, early in the evening of Saturday, June 7, I had a lapse of judgment and discarded dog waste on a neighbor's walkway," Kneier wrote in a letter to his fellow council members, the local CBS station reports. "It was insensitive, disrespectful, and wrong.... I can understand why this matter has some questioning my ability to lead the council."

The neighbor, Philip Lao, has stated that he believes Kneier did this in retaliation for Lao's opposition to opening a dog park nearby, and because he had placed a "no poop zone" sign on his lawn.

Under San Marino's system of local government, the mayor is a member of the city council, and is chosen as mayor by the council itself. Kneier still plans to serve his term as a councilman.