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Russia lashes out at Prince Charles' alleged Hitler-Putin comparison


Apparently Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn't like being compared to Adolf Hitler. Prince Charles reportedly made the unseemly comparison, which has evolved into a full-on diplomatic row. The Russian embassy is extremely angered with the remark and released a statement today calling his comments "outrageous."

A woman claims Prince Charles made the off-handed remark on Monday during a trip to the Canadian Museum of Immigration in Nova Scotia. The Daily Mail reports that he told a 78-year-old Polish woman who escaped the Holocaust that "Putin is doing just the same as Hitler," in reference to Russia's controversial annexation of Crimea.

Alexander Lukashevich, Russia's foreign ministry spokesman, further laid into Prince Charles' comment. "If these words were truly spoken, then without doubt, they do not reflect well on the future British monarch," he said at a press conference. Russia is asking for further clarification of the comment, so the two countries will meet sometime today.