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Watch Alex Trebek rap his way through the hip-hop hits of the '90s


Alex Trebek has hinted that he might step down as Jeopardy! host when his contract expires in 2016 — but whatever his future plans, they probably don't include a rap career. When "The 1990s Rap Song" came up as a category during Jeopardy!'s ongoing "Battle of the Decades," Trebek was forced to let his inner M.C. out, and the results aren't likely to score him a record contract.

"'And the lights are blinkin', I'm thinkin' it's all over when I go out drinkin'…' insane in this," raps Trebek, poorly (but coherently enough that the contestant gets the right answer anyway). It goes on from there, but the real embarrassment comes at the end, when all three contestants fail to buzz in to complete the lyric "'I can't stand it, I know you planned it... Listen all ya'll, it's a' this."

Listen up 'cause you can't say nothin', indeed. --Scott Meslow