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May the fourth be with you

Star Wars nerds will hate this picture of 'Leia' kissing the enemy

Ernesto Ruscio / Getty Images

May fourth is Star Wars Day, and fans of the seminal franchise are celebrating worldwide today with parties, costumes, intergalactic drinks, more costumes, and reenactments. But while poking through some of Getty's images from a gathering in Rome, I came across this photo that diehard Star Wars nerds should find abhorrent:

That's a Leia impersonator kissing a clone trooper — the prequel soldiers who become Imperial Stormtroopers. You know, the goons who kidnap Leia in the original movies and kill her rebel friends and so on. So naturally, there are a couple of problems with this image.

1) Leia would never kiss the enemy.2) The guy looks a little short for a stormtrooper.

Anyway, points to both role players for all the effort that went into their outfits. And bonus points to members of the Star Wars fan club for giving us this amazing image in front of the Colosseum. --Jon Terbush

UPDATE: Though Getty's photo description claims Leia is kissing a clone trooper, a number of outraged fans have pointed out that she is actually kissing a Mandalorian. Jango Fett, whose genetic offspring are the clone troopers, was a Mandalorian bounty hunter, hence the similarities in their attire. That said, why Leia is kissing a Mandalorian mercenary and not her husband, Han Solo, remains unclear.