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Jon Stewart cheerfully annotates Bill O'Reilly's Beyoncé obsession


There are few things Jon Stewart enjoys more than commenting on things that make Fox News frenemy Bill O'Reilly upset — as he himself pointed out at the beginning of Thursday night's Daily Show. Usually it's the War on Christmas, or marijuana legalization, or politics, but this time Stewart got to dig into something sexier: Beyoncé. O'Reilly is obsessively hot and bothered by Beyoncé's racy videos, Stewart said, but why? With an assist from "Senior Beyoncé Correspondent" Jessica Williams, Stewart unpacked the reasons O'Reilly might be picking on a successful, married mother (other than to tease video clips that give his elderly viewers "disapproval boners"), but he leaves us with a pretty good question: Shouldn't billionaires Beyoné and Jay Z consummating the sacrament of marriage in the back of a luxury car be "a conservative utopia"? --Peter Weber