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Plane safely lands after its engine catches fire mid-flight


In what is likely a flier's worst nightmare, a plane's engine caught fire mid-flight and was forced to make an emergency landing this morning. The commuter jet had just departed Perth Airport in western Australia when one of its four engines burst into flames. No one was injured, but a passenger did capture the scary experience on camera.

Jason Grimmett, one of the 92 passengers aboard the flight headed to Barrow Island, recounted the scary experience:

"Fuel starting spewing out, caught alight — there was a bit of panic on board but the pilots were quite quick to react and cut fuel lines and then put it out."

"So we just turned around and came back in." [Australian Broadcast Company]

The company that owns the plane, Cobham Aviation Services, said in a statement that the cause of the engine fire is under investigation. -Jordan Valinsky