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$1,000 ice cream sundae comes with champagne sorbet, gold brownies, and a side of bling


For $1,000, you could either buy 200 cartons of Ben & Jerry's, 300 bottles of sprinkles, and a few cases of chocolate syrup, or you could indulge in the Mauboussin Mega Sundae.

The world's most luxurious dessert will be available beginning May 1 at the Bagatelle NY restaurant. According to Forbes, the concoction is made of homemade vanilla ice cream and macaroons, chocolate truffles, sorbet made from Dom Pérignon rosé champagne, gold leaves, dark chocolate brownies gilded in edible gold, and whipped cream. It's served in an oversized martini glass and smothered in chocolate vodka sauce. There's also an added bonus: The sundae comes with a black steel, white gold, and diamond ring from the jeweler Mauboussin.

If you want the bling but not the ice cream, you can buy the ring (named "Moi non plus/Toi non plus") separately for $590 — a true steal when you realize you are saving $410 by not ordering dessert.