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Pictures reveal stowaway teen's footprints on plane's wheel well

Hawaii News Now/Screenshot

New pictures from the wheel well of a plane where a stowaway teen survived wicked conditions for more than five hours have been released. According to Hawaii News Now, the teen wasn't detected during the flight's three pre-flight inspections and might have hid on San Jose International Airport's tarmac for up to six hours before take-off.

The photos show the 16-year-old's footprints on the Boeing 767's wheels in the place where he stepped on to climb into the well. There were also several smudged black markings from the teen's shoes. Hawaiian Airlines couldn't confirm to the NBC/CBS affiliate if the crew conducted its usual pre-flight exterior inspection. It is protocol for the cockpit crew to perform walk-arounds of the jet before departure, but the wheel wells aren't included because they are closed by the time the inspection occurs.

The teen, who is still recovering at Hawaii hospital, is believed to have been trying to travel to Somalia to reunite with his biological mother.