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Late Night Antics

Watch Stephen Colbert's first Letterman Top 10 list


After being teased with a snippet of the long-awaited interview between longtime Late Night host David Letterman and his anointed successor, Stephen Colbert, we now have the full 12-minute conversation. Colbert and Letterman talk family, Colbert's near-internship (and writing job) at Late Night, and dogs, among other topics.

The interview is interesting for its extended look at out-of-character Stephen Colbert, but it also provides a glimpse into Colbert's before-he-was-famous humor stylings: Starting at about the 7:50 mark, Colbert brings out a Top 10 list he submitted to Letterman in 1997, as part of a packet to become a staff writer; on Tuesday, he finally got his chance to read it. No. 3 is particularly Colbert-y. --Peter Weber